Our Mission Is Your Mission


Our team of senior strategists works closely with your team to pair out-of-the-box thinking with tried-and-true technologies and skill sets. We're on the leading edge of disruptive technologies and ways to deliver insight from all data sources, at wire speeds. Our heritage is in Financial Services HFT trading platform development.  We now bring best-of-breed partners and our own algorithm-based "secret sauce" to bear across other industry segments including Cyber Security, Healthcare, Biotech, Pharma,  Supply Chain Management, and Government.

Our Client Strategy

We help our clients achieve a significant Return On Data (ROD) by leveraging their existing resources and ours.

Beyond The Box

We strongly believe in delivering innovative strategies to solve complex data requirements..

Why Us?

We're Forward Thinking

Our consultants are leading experts in the Financial Services, Healthcare, Biotech and other Verticals. We are called upon to create technology roadmaps, perform technology due diligence, and assist in vendor selection.

Big Data Solutions Delivered 

The technologies and domain expertise that our Cloud2Ground team bring to the table represents best-of-breed partners and human resources. These have been proven in real-time, production environments using value-centric applications across a variety of use cases.


managing infinite data from every direction.

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